Candidate for the position of Vice President Education

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Katie Gethings

KT for Education VP

About me:

I am a third year Psychology student who has been active in the Students Union throughout my time at Stirling as an NUS delegate representing the Union at National Conferences, a module representative and as an ordinary member of the Education Zone Committee. From this, I have gained experience and a desire to get more involved. As Vice President of Education, I would be dedicated to making sure all students receive the high-quality education they deserve and expect.


Student living:

Introducing life skills lessons that would be available to all students. These life skills would include topics such as budgeting and money saving, time management, cookery and managing the real estate market. The aim would be to build students confidence in the important aspect of learning how to be independent adults to support the academic side of university.

Protecting mental health services at the Stirling. Ensure the protection of the mental health services despite the funding freeze from the Scottish Government. Continue fighting and campaigning for funding to make sure every student gets the assistance they need to thrive at Stirling.


Safety and sexual harassment:

Introduce mandatory consent and sexual harassment awareness course for all students. To be taken at the beginning of your studying to provide students with information on how to prevent sexual harassment and what to do once it has happened. Using existing and new materials the university has to help raise awareness for sexual harassment and violence.

Strengthen support services for the affected by violence and sexual harassment. To ensure that students are provided with the right support to help minimize the effects to their academics or daily life. This includes creating a support system within the university to help deal with the effects of the situation.


Academic experience:

Ensure cross module continuity for the balance between in person and online learning. Looking into the disparities between in person and online learning and student opinions. Determining what is actually working for students and whether the changes to teaching that were brought from the Covid-19 pandemic are ones that students want to maintain.

Maintain accessibility and further it for all students. Ensuring that viable and high standard options are available to those who may want it for a wide range of reasons including students with ARRUA, disabilities, parental or care duties and those studying away from Stirling. I will work to guarantee these options are easily accessible and maintain the best possible education for every student.

Addressing and reconsidering the personal tutor system. Continuing the work to overhaul or change the personal tutor system that’s effectiveness varies greatly across the university.