Candidate for the position of Vice President Communities

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Zoë Crosher

For Communities, Vote Crosher!

Hi! My name is Zoë Crosher (she/they), and I’m running for VP Communities. 

During my time at this university, clubs and societies have made me who I am today. From a shy, timid first year, I’ve grown to be someone confident, especially when it comes to expressing my opinions. 

Over the past four years, I’ve been social secretary and publicity officer for the UoS Marine Conservation Society, and social secretary for the Psychology Society. As well as these, I was elected Health and Wellbeing officer for 22/23. I’ve dedicated so much of my last four years to not only the University, but the Stirling Community. I’ve volunteered at places like Action In Mind and Oxfam, I’ve worked with Reclaim Stirling, and more recently I’ve worked at the Union’s Green and Blue Space. Through all of this I’ve fostered many connections within societies and the union, and already have an extensive knowledge.


Clubs & Socs

  • I want to provide clear information about funding to societies, and be able to assist when committee members are unsure. 

  • Host monthly drop-in sessions for committee members, and continue opportunities for committee members to meet and mingle.

  • Provide mental health first aid training to at least one committee member per society, and provide them with the necessary tools to both look after their own mental health, and safely support society members.



  • I want to fight back against rising student suicide rates, by continuing the tackling students' loneliness campaign and provide extra, relaxed and accessible socialising opportunities for students who otherwise may not attend. 

  • Support student sex workers by providing a safe, anonymous online space for them to get support in housing and mental health from qualified professionals.

  • Provide more support and social events for student parents with young, dependent children


Cost of Living Crisis

  • As heating prices continue to rise, I want to provide a warm space for students-somewhere they can study, socialise, or just relax. 

  • I want to secure further funding for the community fridge, thus allowing it to be restocked more often

  • I also want to add a kettle and microwave to the community fridge space to make it easier for students to bring in meals from home



  • I want to get more bins around campus, which would therefore reduce littering.

  • I also want to fight for better recycling facilities, to make recycling easier for both students and staff. 

  • Host eco workshops to provide students with accessible, diy sustainable swaps for everyday items. 


International Students

  • Host monthly meet-up sessions for international students to meet each other, and socialise with no pressure. 



  • I want to investigate the cause of bus delays and, work to make the service more reliable for staff, visitors and students

  • I also hope to push against raising bus ticket prices


To conclude: I’m incredibly passionate about the above causes and would give my all to the role, and I’m confident that I’m the best person to be VP Communities 23/24.