Candidate for the position of NUS Delegate

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Chiara Busini

Let's stand up together for what we need!

Hi, I'm Chiara Busini, and I'm running for NUS Delegate. I'm a 4th-year psychology student, and I'm running for this position because I believe I can make a difference. The situation for students is bad. In Stirling, we have rising rents, especially for students in private accommodation, and inflation and the cost of living crisis affect all students - even more so than the rest of the population. I personally know the effect of this, having been effectively homeless for a month this summer while trying to find a flat. But my experience isn't uncommon in Stirling, or indeed in Scotland and the rest of Britain. We need fundamental change, and for the NUS to be fighting for that change for all students. If I am elected, I will be a voice at the NUS Conferences for that. In my time as a student I have been heavily involved in activism, in Global Justice Stirling, and in the Community - for example, I was part of the University of Sanctuary Action Group and helped with the Climate Festival in 2021. I have proven that I can do the work that goes into campaigning on vital issues for all of us, and it would be a privilege to be chosen to fight for a fair and just future on behalf of Stirling students as an NUS Delegate.