Candidate for the position of NUS Delegate

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Ayusha Bhajanka

Discover the endless possibilities.

NUS Delegates are student representatives who participate and engage with the student community on a national level and contribute to policy-making.

If elected for this post the following would be my objectives:

- To propose and promote student engagement in policymaking

- To promulgate the importance of community engagement in the lives of students

- To involve the students outside of the union in discussions and deliberations in order to increase the representation of opinions

My ability to interpret any situation in a perspective that’s hopeful, encouraging, and infectious radiates in the form of positivity, enthusiasm, and optimism for those around me. I’m determined to consciously contribute and participate in facilitating positive change both within and around me. I have a proven record of demonstrating high social and management skills, which I believe will allow me to make major contributions to the student community. 

Thank you for reading my manifesto and feel free to get in contact with me to ask me any questions about my ideas by writing to me at