Candidate for the position of International Officer

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Ayusha Bhajanka

One Community for All Students

Starting life as an International Student is well 'overwhelming' for the lack of a better word and for many different reasons other than having to move half away across the world leaving friends and family behind, alone. And my role as an International Officer would require me to make this change easier for all of us to adapt to. 

If elected for this post the following would be my objectives:

- Make assessing information about academics (using canvas, submitting assignments, utilizing applications), union events (things to look forward to, meetings, conferences), and student life (opening bank accounts, availing student discounts, part-time job opportunities) easily available for students in need

- Organise frequent meet and greet events for all students so we can expand our social groups

- Build one community for all students alike so we can all belong and co-exist while sharing our unique identities and embracing differences

My ability to interpret any situation in a perspective that’s hopeful, encouraging, and infectious radiates in the form of positivity, enthusiasm, and optimism for those around me. I’m determined to consciously contribute and participate in facilitating positive change both within and around me. I have a proven record of demonstrating high social and management skills, which I believe will allow me to make major contributions to the student community. 

Thank you for reading my manifesto and feel free to get in contact with me to ask me any questions about my ideas by writing to me at