Candidate for the position of NUS Delegate

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Ludovico Caminati Engström

If you believe in a strong and radical student voice, vote for me!

My name is Ludovico Caminati, I'm a fourth-year International Politics student and I am running for NUS delegate. Since the beginning of my studies, I have been actively involved in the student body of Stirling University. I founded the society Global Justice Stirling back in 2020 and I have been working with the group since then on a variety of issues, many involving students' issues and the University, always striving to get better conditions for students in order to enhance their student life experience. I have also worked on some projects such as the Stirling Climate Festival, and Stirling University of Sanctuary. Moreover, I have been working for the past 2 years as a regional organiser in Scotland for the  organisation, Global Justice Now. I believe these experiences gave me a clear idea of the overall needs and feelings of Stirling students that I would like to represent as NUS delegate. 


The situation for students is bad, the cost of living crisis is hitting students the hardest. I have personally struggled with this and had many friends that did too, whether struggling to make ends meet while studying or not having a stable roof over their heads due to the lack of housing. If elected in my role I want to make sure that the students of Stirling are heard at the NUS national conference. With me, you can be assured that you will have a strong, radical, and progressive vote!