Candidate for the position of NUS Delegate

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Daniel McPadden

A Vote Against Punny Slogans

Hi, I’m Dan (he/him). I’m in third year, and study law. You may remember me from such hits as ‘Being suspended from uni over the 2019 Management Building Occupation’ and ‘Murdering Dolly Parton at the Union karaoke’.


Why run for NUS Delegate? I believe that the NUS needs to get itself together. Students are suffering – bearing the brunt of the crises in the cost of living and in housing. But where is our Union?


I bear no illusions about what I can achieve – the NUS is run by and for a small subset of students. They are those active in political parties, who view the NUS as a stepping stone to a career in politics. Electing me as a delegate will not change this fact. But I will do all that I can to hold these people to account, and communicate the magnitude and urgency of the crises facing students.


The crisis facing us is acute. We must, as students, not only support but learn from workers who are facing these same struggles and fighting back. The student movement has in the past been at the forefront of such fights. We must demand that the NUS does what it is there for and stands up for students. 


You are voting for delegates to vote on your behalf at the two NUS Conferences next March. We do not know exactly what will be put on the agendas, but I can tell you that I will vote according to my principles – 


I am a proud socialist - I am uncompromising in my support of trade unions, particularly our friends in the UCU who will almost certainly be on strike this semester against the University's derisory offer of a real-terms pay cut. 


I am firm in my belief that education is a public good - not a product that we buy. The commercialised education system we are in is a disgrace. 


As a gay man and LGBTQ activist, I am proudly progressive - supporting all fights for our fundamental rights as minority communities - particularly the fight of our trans siblings who face daily attacks in the media, and by some in the student movement.