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Aaron Caulfield

With the power you yield, vote Caulfield!

Hello! I am Aaron Caulfield - A 3rd Year LLB student and Chair of the Stirling University Labour Society and hopefully one of your new NUS delegates.

I came to Stirling in 2019 as a 16 year old student, and had a year in which I felt unsupported against the many issues I was presented with coming to University. In my representations to the NUS I will prioritise young students as I was, and the unique issues that they face when coming to University.

I also experienced homelessness in my first year of University, with the cost-of-living rising so rapidly for students in Stirling. I would be rather outraged to see the number of student's experiencing homelessness rise during this period - I will prioritise measures within the NUS for tackling the cost-of-living and student housing crisis' in the effort to curb the economic threats that a large proportion of student's face.

Equality across class, gender, race, sexual orientation, and disability will be the main concern on my agenda, I will strive to promote the equality of all through any method available to me within the NUS.

The climate crisis is at the forefront of many student's minds - I will take it upon myself if elected to focus on promoting a more sustainable way of working, and a focus on the environment within the NUS in order to help the tackling of one of the largest crisis of our generation.

I will seek to campaign for the improvement of mental health resources, as this has been an area where I have personally seen many students struggle with, it is far too easy at University to experience mental illness and be unsure to who you could turn to. This is not something that should be acceptable considering the grave, and in some unfortunate cases fatal, consequences the neglect of mental health care can have.

Having diligently served this Union on it's election committee for the past 3 election cycles prior to this one I hope that you can have faith that I have the best interests of the Stirling Students Union, and it's students in mind - I will bring nothing to the NUS but loyal advocacy for this Union and I hope you can find it within you to vote for me and give me a chance to do so.

Thank you very much for reading

Level the field, vote CAULFIELD