Candidate for the position of Sports Union Participation and Engagement Officer

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Lauren Bullock

Break the barrier, break the stigma

Hi everyone, my is Lauren and I am in 2nd year at Stirling studying Sports Coaching and Development. Don't let the 2nd year part fool you as I do fall into that mature student age gap! I have taken the leap and decided to go out of my comfort zone to run for the role of Participations and Engagement officer this year. A role which I undertook for 4 years working in a primary school in Glasgow, it is something I would love to get the chance to work under again and make that difference. Sport is my passion and gives me a sense of belonging in the world, a place where I feel free to express myself as a person. A community is what sport is and it has given me the most incredible experiences for many years now, making memories and friends for life.

My goal is to make sure everyone gets the chance to feel they belong to something and the feeling that someone believes in you. As my slogan says I want to break down barriers and to get rid of these stigmas around sports, I want people to feel confident in themselves that they can enjoy sport without having to look like an Olympian. To not allow impairment to deny the sense of achievement. To let people, take those chances to explore sports that are gender dominated. It is time for us to take charge and take down these barriers to inclusion. I could list 100 things we could do to change this however I have 2 key interests in what I would love to implement here at Stirling alongside our Sports President Murray:

1. Inclusion - Additional Support Need (ASN) sessions throughout the year to other a space where people of all needs feel safe to express themselves through sport and connect with others. To promote values and visions of acceptance to everyone no matter what their background is, to allow all disabilities to have the same benefits as everyone else that gets the chance take up a sport. This may be done by clubs hosting various events throughout the year adapting their sport to bring more people together.

2. Pre-Freshers – Visiting secondary schools within regions throughout Scotland and presenting to 5th/6th years what Stirling can offer them through Sports. This can be down through presentations and/or mini sessions of various sports we offer here, by both visiting them and inviting them to the university to get a feel of it.

I know many of my ideas can be outside the box however that’s what I feel can really push me into becoming a successful participation and engagement officer which I hope will push those barriers in Stirling.