Candidate for the position of International Officer

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Adhiraj Singh




Adhiraj Singh

Candidate for the position of International Officer

International Unity, Prosperity, and Advancement

I am a second-year Data Science student, I am from Jammu and Kashmir, India which has been under a political turmoil for last 70 years, due to which I developed a keen and firm political interest. I have engaged in many leadership roles from school head boy to club secretary. I request you all to support me to be your International Representative so that we can together work towards #InternationalUnity_Prosperity_Advancement.

It’s been over one year since I arrived in Stirling, but I still remember the fears inside me the first day I arrived here, leaving your family, your home and even your country is certainly not everyone’s cup of tea. During this transitional period all you need is a person who can listen to you, can advise you and can help you, it can be with anything from bus numbers to academics. With the experience I have gained in the last year I have the full confidence that I can be that person for you and that is why I have chosen the post of International Officer over the rest.


The following will be my aims to accomplish, if elected as your International Officer:


  • The cost of living in the United Kingdom, especially during economic downturns like the one we're currently experiencing, can be incredibly expensive for international students, and this is something I'd like to focus on as an international community representative because it's something I've experienced myself. 


  • I’d also want to provide a safe area for foreign students to share any challenges they're having with adjusting to the UK or adapting and leading a new language as well as concerns that are hurting their well-being through a weekly or monthly meet-up. 


  • I’d want to raise attention to the fact that there aren't really any scholarships available to overseas students since it will enable more people to come and study here who have the capacity to contribute but can't because of a financial barrier and this is something I'd like to focus on a national level.
  • International students can only work up to 20 hours per week, thus I think there should be more paid positions accessible to assist them manage their finances. 



  • Accessibility: From my side. I don’t want to be the face that you only see once during elections. I want students to know me, to know how to contact me and to feel comfortable to approach me for help &support.


  • Support: As mentioned before, giving the support needed by international students (from in and outside the EU).
  • Accommodation: since last one year, a major problem I have witnessed is the lack of cheap accommodations due to which students have to go to the cities or far away towns to get the accommodation, I will work towards accessible and cheaper accommodations.
  • #InternationalStudentMatters