Candidate for the position of Arts Officer

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Shani Doudet

We're all in this together!

Hi my name is Shani and I'm an international third-year English and Film & Media student. I have been part of the Stirling University Drama Society for over a year and I am their current treasurer. This year I am running for Arts Officer! I have always had a passion for the Arts and would love to have the opportunity to represent all of the societies under this category. I'd love for all the arts societies to work closer together and organise more group events such as the charity variety that we do once a year. I aim to organise a collaborative group performance with the arts society each year. I would also like to work on establishing mutually supportive relationships and organise more frequent group activities such as scavenger hunts, pub crawls, and open mics,...

I want to make sure that while in university everyone in the arts has a chance to express their creative talents. Through my own experience in an arts society I understand how vital these experiences are, and want to make sure that you have your time to shine! Whether it be on stage, creating art, playing music or behind the scenes.  

Vote for moi! xoxo