Candidate for the position of NUS Delegate

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Jess Reid

Reid for Representation

Hey! My name's Jess Reid, I'm your current Vice President Communities and I want to be your National Union of Students Delegate. In the turbulent and unstable times we're in, effective representation and strong voices are needed to make our voices heard. I think I am the strong leader needed to make our voices heard within the National Union of Students while delivering these key promises for students.

1. Equality, Diversity & Inclusion

In the 1st General Meeting of the year, I proposed a motion to be taken to the NUS Scotland Conference to make it a priority for NUS to campaign in favour of the Safe Access (Abortion Services) Scotland Bill which would put buffer zones around sexual and reproductive health clinics to prevent protestors from harassing patients. I want to take my motion to NUS Scotland and to push for this motion to be main a national priority. These protests are often not only discriminating against people seeking abortions but bigoted towards people in the LGBTQ+ community, directly affecting students in Stirling and across Scotland. 

Access to sexual and reproductive health clinics is a right for all students, and with the increasing numbers and persistence of anti-choice groups it is vital we support this right by making access to clinics as safe as possible.

2. Housing Rights

With a housing crisis across the country and Stirling experiencing the consequences of this, I want to support NUS Scotland's work in supporting students' housing rights. Having recently experienced success in having students included in the rent freezes, there is a need to build upon this success to have NUS Scotland push for great protection for students in private accommodation and to ensure Universities uphold their duty and responsibility to students living in university halls.

3. Future for NUS Scotland

As NUS Scotland Conference passed a motion in early 2022 to explore the potential for an independent NUS Scotland, I want Stirling to be part of this discussion and be part of vital work which will shape our organisation's future. Having nominated myself to be part of the Future of NUS Scotland Working Group I would ensure Stirling students have a voice in all discussions relating to NUS Scotland's future, and that our concerns can be addressed in whatever work is undertaken.

By upholding these promises I will play my role in ensuring Stirling remains part of the wider democratic and representative values which govern our student politics, to have us heard on a national stage, and to make students' lives better.