Candidate for the position of NUS Delegate

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Iacopo Eliott Ivella

Nothing to lose but our chains.

Politics is something that is usually made in buildings by those who have no real contact with people. Real politics is actually made in the streets, by marginalized people and people in need. That is the same with student politics. No student politics can be endorsed without actual student participation. In my home country, Italy, I have worked withe the major student syndicate since I was 14, and I represented my high school and students altogether. Therefore I have seen firsthand the power students hold. Students studying different subjects, coming from different countries and grown in different countries. The amount of power and knowledge we hold is astounding. This is at the root of my campaign: student participation, students' need, a real and constant dialogue with officers, clubs and societies, a permanent discourse that will ensure every voice to be heard. How many fellow students do we have to lose every year due to mental health issues? We need a mental health campaign. We need free access to quality mental health support. We need free transports and accessible materials and books. As of now, studying is still a privilege given to those lucky enough to have the resources to afford it. We need consulations and confrontations. Against individuality we build collectivity. We have nothing to lose but our chains.