Candidate for the position of Sports Union Communications Officer

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Siobhan Campbell

SC doesn’t just stand for Siobhan Campbell, it stands for sports communication.

My name is Siobhan Campbell, I'm running for the sports union communications officer and I believe that I am the right choice for this role for a few reasons. First of all I am a film and media student so media and communication work is very close to my heart and a very important part of my career path, so why not start off my journey with a role like this one. With this in mind you can be assured that I will put every ounce of effort into making sure that I excel in this role. 


I have a close relationship with members of the media societies and bleed green sports show so I intend on being a closer bridge between them and the union itself to ensure that all of our teams are given the best publicity at all times and keeping them in the loop with every event, game and even some training sessions. In working with bleed green you can be assured that the initiative itself will flourish and thrive. I will constantly work my hardest to make sure that it keeps developing and improving every day.


Sport is one of the great loves of my life, I come from a sporting family and I live and breathe it, so that’s another reason why getting this role is so important to me. From swimming, to football and now to dancing, myself and my family follow sports religiously and I intend to continue this into this job role focusing on communicating every little aspect of sporting life at Stirling university inside and outside of the student body. This includes every win and loss because all press is good press at the end of the day. I intend to update students with all of this information weekly using the various sports union social media pages.


My plan is to work with the student body and act in their interests. My main job is to build communication so I want to give a voice to those who may be scared to use theirs. I would like to act as a bridge between the general student body and the union itself. Raising their questions, interests and concerns and actually getting answers that you can be happy with and not stopping till you are. I want to work with new sports clubs, the ones that are smaller and newer that maybe not everybody talks about. I want to be the one to promote them till they are just as big as any other club in the union, and after to show just how far they’ve come as a team together.


I also want to work with various sports teams and bring them together to communicate with each other, it is a union after all so why shouldn’t we be more united? I believe that the sports union acts as it’s own little community within the university and communities thrive on communication and cooperation. So why shouldn’t we?