Candidate for the position of Media Officer

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Ciaran Sweeney

They walked so Cia-ran; don’t be a Meanie vote for Sweeney.

Hey everyone,

My name is Ciaran, I'm a fourth year English and Film and Media student and I'm running to be your Media officer. 

Since my first week of university I have been involved in media societies. This is my third year as secretary for AirTV now and my time there has been one of the most rewarding experiences of my life. I’m hoping that during my year as media officer, I can start to give back to all the societies that have done so much for me as well as help other students get involved in anything media related.

I think my time as secretary has taught me the necessary skills to volunteer at the union; I’m organised and great at taking minutes. I love a meeting and I love drafting up emails so I feel I would easily fit into the role.

I like to think I’m an approachable person and easy to talk to, I’ll be available to students at any time they have something they want to discuss. I’m quick at responding to emails and I practically live in the media office so I’ll be easy to get a hold of.

The main things I want to achieve as Media Officer:

  • I’d like to make average students more aware of our media societies, covid has had a large impact on club membership although numbers have improved recently, many societies haven’t reached their pre-covid heights. I hope to try and advertise media societies to students and hopefully encourage them to get involved in whatever takes their interest.


  • I’d like to see the university’s media societies promoted more on campus. This would be wherever it seems appropriate for example - Air3 could have some of their shows played somewhere around campus. 
  • The University's media societies are constantly nominated for national awards. I hope to help out with individual societies and try to help them if they do receive any form of award this year. 


  • I would like to try and supply both media societies and students with as many opportunities as possible. Whether it is work experience, training events or just setting up talks with industry professionals I want offer as many events to students as possible.


  • I’d also like to help with more collaboration between individual media societies, I’ve already been involved in some conversations like this since we have returned for the semester. I’d hope being part of the union would allow me to offer some unique collabs with our societies. Of course with some fun joint media events as well, perhaps a Joint Media Sports Day sometime in the future. 

So hopefully you like what I have in store for this year, and we can start making Stirling Union the best place in Scotland for student media.