Candidate for the position of Engagement Officer

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Lucy Wilson

Vote today to change YOUR FUTURE

Lucy Wilson publicity poster. Further information can be found in Lucy's manifesto text.

Hi there! I’m Lucy, a 3rd year education student. I’m running to be your engagement officer because I want to give every student the opportunity to become the best version of themselves through educational opportunities.

In this role, I would aim to improve your student experience and give you the tools you need to be a successful student and potential employee after graduating. The main 3 ways I will achieve this is by:

1. Chances for Career Development

  • I would aspire to have every faculty offer specific education training that will help to give students extra skills to make them stand out in the workplace. As well as this, having faculties work with employers in their field to provide more chances for students to interact with potential employers is a priority.
  • Through the Students' Union, I will aim to have additional accredited courses (such as sign language, sustainability course and first aid) to give YOU opportunities to boost your CV
  • Finally, I will aim strengthen the relationship between the Careers and Employability service with all faculties, so students are aware of the opportunities they have, such as the My Stirling Award

2. Giving YOU a Bigger Voice

  • My aim is to give every student the opportunity to feel heard, to feel engaged and to feel represented. I will do this by reviewing how the module representatives’ feedback and trying to help faculties have more communication between module reps and showing that they are acting on your feedback more.
  • I also believe that there should be more individual chances to give feedback on what they think of their module, course, faculty and student experience as a whole.

3. Making Education Accessible

  • With the changes in how some modules are delivered, it is my biggest priority to ensure that at our university, education is accessible for all.
  • I will do this by working with groups who represent or model good inclusivity at the uni and try to make modules and career development opportunities inclusive – giving every student a chance for a better future.
  • I will also aim for faculties to give you the tools that can help you prepare to create an inclusive workplace.