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Nela Cadinanos Gonzalez

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Nela Cadinanos Gonzalez publicity poster. Further information can be found in Nela's manifesto text.

As former Vice President of the Environmental Enterprises, I've participated in many different environmental campaigns on our campus and beyond. Though my biggest impact for the sustainability of our community has came from my role as Union President (2021/2022). During this academic year, I've been able to secure consultation on the University's Sustainability Plan, which entailed pushing the University to commit to net 0 by 2045, something that I want to keep reducing, at least for my time in Stirling. We should aim for a net 0 by 2030 institution, and we must put pressure for this.

Another project that I'd like to continue, is the Sustainability Careers Faire that I've organised this year, to make sure it continues over the upcoming years, introducing our students to fair and ethical employees; similarly, I'd like to strengthen the relationships with the local community and develop strong partnerships that highlight the good practice carried out in the Scotland and wider UK context.

I will seek to support the wonderful groups on campus, empowering them and listening to their suggestions; from SUSEE to the Hedgehog Team, Marine Conservation and VERA societies, I would love to see strong collaborations for activities and events that will make meaningful impacts, both in rising awareness and educating students around ecological issues.

Lastly, I will actively support our Green & Blue Space and its promotion, and remain active in the environmental networks that I have, to highlight the outstanding passion from our University and its strong care for the environment.