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Murray Bushell publicity poster design. For further information, see Murray's manifesto text.

Who am I?

Hi! I’m Murray Bushell, I have studied Sports Studies for the last 4 years here at Stirling University and am currently Captain of the 2’s and secretary of the Football Club. My four years have been shaped by the Sports Union and I’m excited to be running for Sports President! I’m running because I believe that my experience in the last 4 years has given me valuable insight into the Sports Union and ideas on what I can do to freshen it up. 

My focus?

  • Mental Health

  • Coordination between clubs

  • Proportionate value for money

  • Inclusivity

  • Approachable

  • Putting students first

How will I implement this?

To ensure greater focus on mental health, I believe that all welfare officers should be mental health trained, to give them a better understanding and more responsibility within a club so everyone feels supported. I want 56 club welfare officers to come together as one big group and support the Sports Union in whatever way they need and break down barriers of coming forwards for help.

My second aim is to improve the coordination between the clubs. I want one big Sports Union Club where we can work together and collaborate with all teams to make decision making, fundraising and anything else more seamless. I want to create more events such as women’s and men’s football events, the green ribbon campaign and create links between clubs to feel more connected.

The current payment system is leaving students out of pocket as a result of paying for expenses such as travel, referees etc. I believe improvements could be made to this, by introducing a system where students can claim the money before paying, and then prove. This way, clubs become more organized and student’s aren’t left worrying about money coming from their own accounts.

I believe that value for money is important within clubs and making sure students feel like they are getting the most out of their membership in terms of matches. I believe that we should set up friendly matches, for as many clubs that want to be involved, to make sure that all teams have the chance to play and utilize their skills throughout the year! 

I want the Sports Union to be a place where everyone feels involved and welcomed. From a variety of clubs available, to making sure that there is continuous work to enhance inclusivity for the entire cohort. I believe that we should make sure that everyone has a club they like, whether that be introducing a new one or trying to expand on the current. 

I believe that the Sports Union needs to be available for all clubs at all times, especially around BUCS. I want to dedicate my time on a Tuesday night to being available for all teams if any problems were to arise to make sure that no clubs are left without answers. This way, we can prevent any stress for the students and club and make sure matches are played problem-free!