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Juulia Spets

Say Yes to Spets!


Hi folks! My name is Juulia Spets and I am running for Co-Curricular Officer. I am a third year Psychology student hailing from Finland, with a passion to support our student community.

To me, community is key: I have been actively involved within the student community since my first year, and more recently within the local Stirling community. If elected as your Co-Curricular Officer, I want to focus on the following:


  • Supporting clubs and societies better & stimulating more interest. With my experience of being on the committee of two societies, and currently being the President of the Psychology Society, I have gained insight into clubs and societies and ways to support them better. I want to ensure more support is allocated towards training clubs and societies’ committees. During the last two years, training has been lacking and not adequately advertised, so I want to change this and make sure everyone on a committee feels confident in their role. I also want to encourage people to get more involved, and shine light on all of the benefits that joining, or even starting your own club/society can bring.


  • Improving the promotion of volunteering opportunities. I am passionate about giving back, and one of the best ways to do this is through volunteering. I currently volunteer as a STEER Captain in the Union’s STEER programme, and as a peer support volunteer at a local mental health charity. Volunteering is a brilliant way to not only support other people or causes, but to also build confidence and skills, complement your degree, as well as help you on your career path. Stirling (including our very own University community) has a wealth of volunteering opportunities, that often don’t get the attention they deserve. That is why I want to boost volunteering roles through media and volunteering fayres/events.


  • Raising awareness to important causes and topics by having dedicated events. As a university and therefore a learning environment, I think it is important to stimulate, educate and cultivate knowledge on different topics through awareness events, such as an awareness day or week. I especially want to bring back the idea of Wellbeing Week with a focus on boosting mental health and increasing students’ confidence in returning to in-person teaching. Getting used to socialising and balancing one’s wellbeing after a series of isolating lockdowns during the pandemic can be tough. So, I want to tackle this gently and help students gain more tools to balance their life and wellbeing.


Most importantly, I want the student voice to be heard. I want to be the middleman that you can always come talk to about your ideas and thoughts, for example topics you want to raise awareness for, and any thoughts on starting or running clubs and societies. I will make sure you are heard and represented.

#SayYesToSpets for thriving clubs and societies. #SayYesToSpets for better opportunities for all. #SayYestoSpets as your Co-Curricular Officer.