Candidate for the position of Vice President Communities

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Jess Reid

To Support Societies, Improve Housing & Increase Accessibility and Inclusion - Say Yes To Jess!


Hey! My name is Jess Reid (she/her), I want to be the next Vice President Communities. Below are just some of the goals I would work towards if elected; I hope this shows you why you should vote for me in the 2022 election!

Clubs and societies is where I’ve made my home at Stirling, over the years I have founded & been Co-President of Stirling Sexual Health & Education Society, Vice President of Debating Society and Secretary for First Aid Africa.

Stirling has also been the place where my activism has flourished and I have been involved in student politics as Women’s Officer, Campaign Manager for Reclaim Stirling, Period Poverty Data Analysis Intern for Students' Union & Member of Election Committee.

It’s my time to give back and create greater change for all students.

Clubs & Societies

  • Introduce a reinvigoration programme for clubs and societies to expand learning opportunities, organising more fundraisers and pilot Committee Networking Cafes to meet and work with other societies
  • Encourage all societies to have at least one committee member to complete GBV awareness training and make training more readily available
  • Work on solutions to allow more societies to reduce their membership fees to make societies more accessible and inclusive for all students

Housing & Student Living

  • Establish a Housing Forum with housing committees involved with ensuring democracy and inclusion in all decisions made regarding student housing such as changes to living costs & organising sessions to educate students on their housing rights 
  • Support students during this living costs crisis by offering information sessions on financial help and support offered by the University and Student Union
  • Ensure every accommodation building is equipped with easily accessible menstruation stations
  • Push for improvements in older accommodation buildings and engage with the council to improve housing for students living in private accommodation


  • Alongside the Sustainability Officer create a programme of events and support throughout the year to help students live more sustainability at uni
  • Campaign to open a community fridge which is open 24/7 with the support of our local supermarkets to reduce waste and keep living costs low

Accessibility & Inclusion

  • Support the Union with implementing the newly passed Help Not Harm strategy and introducing the opportunity for students to order Drug Testing Kits online anonymously which can be delivered to their accommodation. 
  • Continue work with the GBV Partnership Stirling in rolling out #ErasetheGrey Campaign citywide and delivering a programme of GBV training for students
  • Support the work by current VP Communities, Union staff and activists to push forward with the development of a sensory room

Health & Wellbeing

  • Combat student loneliness through a programme for a guided introduction to clubs and societies, where individuals are matched with societies and supported through joining clubs and societies
  • Increase access for society committees to undertake mental health training and gender awareness training


  • Engage more with First Bus, ScotRail & the University to tackle delays and improve services

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