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Margaux Pierre

Communities Grow With Margaux

Margaux Pierre publicity poster. Further information can be found in the manifesto text.

Hello there!

I am Margaux, I use she/they pronouns and this is my manifesto to represent all as Vice-President Communities at the University of Stirling. Here you will find a short introduction of what there is to know about me and an outline of what I will achieve if you elect me as your 2022/2023 Vice-President Communities.

For most of my teenage to young adult life I have been an active member of community based initiatives. From multiple volunteering experiences to my participation in clubs and societies throughout my life, I have had the opportunity to develop a love for trying to make people’s lives better. This time it is for us, current students and for future generations. Voting for me is voting for growth, voting for yours and someone else’s future.


  • Increase the support given to student led initiatives, like the Stirling Climate Festival and the Hedgehog Friendly Campus (and hopefully more to come), to reach their goals, provide (better) financial support and enhance the visibility of volunteering opportunities they offer
  • Advocate for and support VERA’s work for wider food options in on-campus catering facilities (more vegan, gluten-free, lactose-free options) & improve the advertisement of allergens and ingredients.
  • Bring local and sustainable food options to campus.


Health & wellbeing:

  • Reassess needs versus application of accessibility adjustments across campus
  • Increase the number of opportunities for students to connect and voice the opinions they share with fellow students.
  • Create opportunities for students to learn about diverse lifestyles and healthy self-care through various events (such as cooking sessions, tips & tricks) in collaboration with clubs and societies.
  • Work with external and internal resources to establish therapeutic spaces and opportunities such as animal therapy sessions, wellbeing spaces (like the one available in the library).



  • Engage in discussions and negotiations with the Stirling area bus services for improved and more rigorous services as well as better prices for students over the age of 22 (under 22s you can get your NEC now to get free bus travel all over Scotland).
  • Increase the number of bike shelters and continue the current VP Communities’ work for bike repair sessions.



  • Hold the University accountable for providing adequate living conditions in the many accommodations under their management.
  • Continue the current work being done to voice the more than needed improvements to older accommodations on and off-campus.


Clubs & Societies:

  • Encourage and support clubs and societies' initiatives to grow together through interactive opportunities, shared events and enhanced promotion.
  • Enhance cultural representation through supporting the “decolonise our education” movement, organizing open discussion sessions with guests and implementing equal representation of folklore based events.


If you have made it this far…congratulations! Now all you have to do is VOTE (for me I hope). If you have any questions you can contact me via 

Thank you and have a great rest of your day!