Candidate for the position of Union President

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Louis Utieyin

Unity In Our Distinctions.

Louis Utieyin publicity poster. Further information can be found in Louis's manifesto text.

As an ethnic minority, it can be difficult to be heard over so many other voices, especially when trying to navigate a predominately white, heteronormative, binary world. I want to show that at Stirling, what keeps us united is our distinctions, differences and beliefs, and that true worth and beauty is only found when different voices come together to harmonize. I have the honour of serving as the President of the African and Caribbean society, Equalities Officer and the opportunity of working as both a Wi-fi wizard and a Residence Assistant. One of the most exciting aspects of these roles is that every day I am surrounded by people from all walks of life, different backgrounds. As the Equalities Officer, I would like to see the Students' Union team reflect the multicultural student body and so far I am yet to see an improvement. I believe that I can make the first step because I am confident and I'm not scared of taking the initiative or facing challenges. My journey as a student at the University of Stirling has been about being proactive where it matters. This year I restarted a society that had been left neglected and one that represents an important and substantial part of the student population, thanks to the help of the Students' Union and so many motivated students. I am launching several initiatives that aim to promote inclusivity and diversity at Stirling such as diversity week, African and Caribbean parties and the fashion show. The sky is the limit and there is still much that needs to be done, but I am not afraid of hard work and I am ready to submit my next academic year to serve the student body at the University of Stirling. I have also collaborated with different societies and organizations including NUS, Global Justice, Reclaim Stirling and CodeBase to name a few and what they all had in common is that with drive and determination anything can be achieved. I recognise that true change only comes when you are immersed in the experience, whether streets or halls with everyday people and that it's okay to feel uncomfortable, and there are going to be daunting tasks, but for each of those moments I will try to remember why I started all of this and find more strength to deliver at my full capacity.