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Because Students Deserve Better.


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University of Stirling Students Union Election 2022



I’m Dante Lopez and I am a first-year student of Business and Politics, hailing from a town in the depths of Argyll and Bute named Oban. Moving to the city on my own has been an exciting experience, however, it has been tarnished by the negative experience of housing here on campus. I have experienced, first hand, the issues with accommodation here at the University of Stirling. I want to ensure that as few students as possible suffer the same problems that I have faced and provide those who do with a voice that will support them fully, front and centre through the whole process. Whether it be private accommodation, or right here on campus, I will never shy away from providing a student in need with the best support and advice that I can possibly offer. I have several years of experience in political campaigning and working with people to help build policy at a local level, and I have played an active role within a society being elected as Vice-President of the Stirling University Scottish Nationalist Association. I believe that I am ready to bring it all together and represent students within the University of Stirling. I also believe that I have the necessary skills and experience to tackle the big issues within the role of Housing Officer and be able to command change. 


Policy 1: Hold the University of Stirling (UoS) to account over the poor standard of their accommodation and call for an independent survey of every accommodation building operated by the UoS to ensure that there are no risks to health through mould, damage, or otherwise.

Policy 2: Liaise with the University of Stirling, local authorities, and other relevant stakeholders to ensure that students have somewhere to live for the duration of their studies, be it UoS operated, council-operated, or private accommodation.

Policy 3: Call upon the University to implement a 3-year rent-freeze on all accommodation to ensure that current and prospective students can afford somewhere to live as the cost of living skyrockets.

Policy 4: Ensure that the Union provides students with the necessary knowledge and support to counter any issues that they face in their property, via a new page on the website detailing the rights of tenants, local support, and what the union can do to represent you with issues.


I believe that these policies would make a real difference to students. They will ensure that your health is protected, your financial situation is potentially a little less bleak, the prospect of homelessness is reduced as much as possible, and you have the means to be educated on your rights as a tenant. Thank you for taking the time to read through my manifesto. I always want to hear your point of view, discuss any issues you may be having, and hear your policy ideas. Please get in touch with me at

I love to take feedback, suggestions, and questions!


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Because Students Deserve Better.