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Anastasia Mendini


Anastasia Mendini publicity poster. Further information can be found in Anastasia's manifesto text.

If you want ANAmazing president, then look no further! I’m Anastasia Mendini, a third-year student of Events Management running for Student Union President. I’m inclusive, well driven, ethically minded and promise to use everything in my power to shape your UNI-verse!

After looking around and discussing with some of you, I discovered 3 main areas where changes are needed. I invite you to spare 5 minutes of your time while I briefly explore them.

First-year experience and student welfare

Moving to university is tough, especially in the shadow of COVID-19. The scarcity of financial resources and easy-to understand information makes it difficult to find the help that you need when you need it. This discourages many students from engaging with the range of opportunities the university has to offer while striking their general wellbeing and mental health.

My propositions are: 

  • An updated Union Website to help students and societies find everything they need 
  • Clear maps inside and around campus to make the University easy to navigate
  • Better engagement scheme with our student officers to provide help with accommodation and private/university life
  • Erase students’ poverty with free bus rides, on campus food bank and free meals scheme
  • Increase students’ income, concessions and satisfaction working with local authorities and the university
  • Spotlight talents and boost students’ worth by offering nationwide competitions, awards, and careers!
  • Offer sex education and consent training to clubs, societies, staff, and students
  • Bring Stirling to students via informational packets

Inclusion and celebration of all peoples

Many students suffer from loneliness, anxiety, or self-hate due to the changes experienced within their body and mind, and an inherent fear of being different. However, as the University says, we need to “be the difference”- not be afraid of it. Regardless of ethnicity, nationality, sex orientation, gender identity or self-expression I want everyone to feel welcomed and understood by building the most inclusive and supportive student union.

With your support I can:

  • Create, promote, and empower every student’s community to boost inclusion and erase discrimination
  • Make everyone feel home by celebrating international and cultural events
  • Increase awareness of the STEER Peer Support program and maximise its students’ variety
  • Implement phonetic text or audio file of students’ name
  • Ensure support and facilitate the transitioning process for non-binary and transgender students
  • Improve the understanding and acknowledgment of LGBTQIA+ students to normalise appropriate language, manners, and facility usage

Sustainability on Campus

Growing up among the apple fields of Italy, I inherited a passion for the environment and sustainability which I want to reflect on our campus. Thus, comes my earthfulness goals:

  • Better and clearer rules on waste management schemes
  • Minimisation of food waste
  • Inspire sustainable habits through environmental education
  • Make use of sustainable platforms (Vinted, Olio, To Good To Go…)
  • Collaborate with local, sustainable businesses

Vote for me, discover our worth, invest in tomorrow and remember… You are what makes the University of Stirling beautiful. You can find more information and contact me at