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Calum Sutherland

Keep Calum and Carry On

Keep Calum and Carry On

Firstly, I'd like to thank everyone who voted me in as your Media Officer in last semester's by-election. It doesn't seem like long ago at all that I started my role, and I'd love to carry on with it.

If re-elected as Media Officer, I would work to:

  • Continue being an effective link between the media societies and the Students' Union, with a major part of this being a review of the Union's media policy document to make it as easy as possible for our fantastic media societies to generate content without conflict.
  • Set up and host a fortnightly virtual Media Office while the real one remains closed to us due to the pandemic. This will hopefully bring our media society members together again in a way we've been sorely missing.
  • Support Brig and AirTV with their new news show and continue to encourage collaboration between the societies in general. 
  • Do my utmost to help the media societies overcome the difficulties caused by a lack of access to normal equipment and resources.
  • Create investment plans with each media society when we are able to return to campus in order to make sure the money they earn and any club grants are used to improve the experience for everyone involved and provide more opportunities.
  • Create and maintain an umbrella social media presence for all three media societies in order to increase publicity of media society events, show off our incredibly talented members, and generally promote the fantastic content they create.

Thank you so much for reading my manifesto for a second time this academic year and good luck to all the nominees running for positions! 

Vote Calum for Media Officer!