Candidate for the position of Co-Curricular Officer

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Jamie McDiarmid

Back me and we’ll make clubs and societies the best it can be


This year has been difficult for all of us.  Our lives have been turned around, shaken upside down and all other directions.  Students in particular have been affected in all kinds of ways.  Last year when I came into the role, I never expected to have to completely re draw my manifesto because of a pandemic.  So many ideas thrown out.


We need to reignite that passion that so many students have, this past year has been difficult but together we can come out of it stronger.


With the exciting news of a vaccine being rolled out, it is looking very likely that we may be able to return to some normality soon.


As your Co-curricular officer, I have the great pleasure of helping students complement their degrees with co-curricular activates.  Yes, getting good grade’s and good degree is important, but it’s also about what you do in your spare time that helps really develop yourself.  That’s why the communities’ zone is so important.


When the world starts to open up, employers in Stirling will be looking for people.  I want to make sure there is a network between the union and employers in Stirling to let them know that we have amazing students here who are eager to gain experience and find employment.


Volunteering too is a crucial part of the communities’ zone here at the union, that is why just like we did this year, I want to arrange an employment and volunteering opportunities fayre at Stirling, but this time even better.


Fundraising and awareness weeks, let’s get back to doing the amazing awareness weeks that where organised by some of our amazing societies before.  Awareness and months are a great opportunity for bringing issues straight to students and perfect paths that open students up to volunteering opportunities.



Finally, Clubs and Societies, Clubs and Socs are the heart of our student’s union.  It is the perfect place to meet new people, relax after studying and develop yourself.  I want to host Clubs and Socs events where new students can find out the benefits that clubs and socs and have on you and your degree.  Let’s reignite that passion we have for our Clubs and Societies community.


I also want to make sure that the clubs and societies that have been hit hardest from the pandemic are better supported by looking at various options to let them operate better.  I also want to make sure that our Clubs and Socs will be accessible to those students hit hardest by this pandemic.