Candidate for the position of International Officer

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Aritra Adhikari

Just because you haven’t grown up here, it doesn’t mean you don’t belong !


I’m Aritra Adhikari and I’d like to be your next International Officer. As an International Postgraduate student at University of Stirling, I’ve noticed and personally experienced that setting in a an international student isn’t easy during this COVID situation. I believe a lot more can be done to improve the support available for the students who lives thousands of miles away from home and have travelled to Stirling during this pandemic situation. No one should feel isolated; just because you haven’t grown up here, it doesn’t mean you don’t belong. 


A smooth transition for International Freshers

I will create a standardised system for holding international freshers events prior to freshers week. This will allow International Freshers to get to know each other first, adjust to the new culture, and form an International Community. I will also create a mentoring system for International students where older students can advice freshers on setting up bank accounts, phone contracts, things to bring along with from home country and also adjusting to Scottish Culture.


Improved International Welfare

I will ensure a Team of International reps who are welfare trained so that they can be the first port of call for International students. I will also organise meetings for those students who have travelled from there home country in this pandemic situation and are self-isolating just to make sure they are fine and have all they need and educate them with the rules and regulations of self-isolation.

I will make the Union a home for International students who stay back during the Christmas and Easter breaks.


Food and Groceries

I will lobby with the University to provide more Non-European eating options on campus, also talk with Co-op to bring in more varieties of groceries as most of the students staying in University Accommodation have to travel to the City Centre for groceries.


Feedback Form

I would implement a feedback system for International students where they can personally share their experiences at the university and what they would like to see improve, addressed or looked into in the future.