Candidate for the position of Arts Officer

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Sanhita Sanjay Gokhale

S.A.N.H.I.T.A - Stirling’s Advocate for Nurturing a Harmonious Imaginarium Towards Arts!

Henry Matisse concisely quoted, “creativity takes courage.” To be creative means to transcend fears and to make that possible it is vital to take collective efforts to nurture a harmonious environment to promote arts. As a post-grad student of media management and an artist myself, I am cognizant of the issues faced by creators and artists. To work as an arts officer will be an opportunity for me to comprehend issues faced by students and to gain insight and experience in resolving their problems. I believe that when creative people unite nothing is impossible!

So, brace yourselves for I’m Sanhita and things are about to get creative!

  • As the art officer, I would build strong bonds with the representatives of existing SUD, SULMS, SMT, Art, creative writing, and new arts societies. It will be my responsibility to look after their interests and making sure that they work in unanimity.
  • I will foster relationships between the societies as well as the outside organizations. The Macrobert Art Center and all the other affiliations will be fairly accessible to the societies.
  • I will play an active role in the development and maintenance of the Airthrey Cottage. It will be my job to work closely with the societies dedicated to this task and making sure that it is a safe and usable space.
  • I would interact with students to learn more about their artistic pursuits and interests so that I can suggest, deliberate, and put forward their opinions to the VP communities and work together creating new opportunities for them.
  • Recognizing the issues, as well as the interests of the students and representing them, will be one of my top priorities.
  • I will be accessible to the student body and open to consultations formally as well as informally.
  • I assure you that I will attend events, meetings, and conferences that are essential to keep me updated on my responsibilities and role regarding the welfare of the students.
  • While doing so I will adhere to the operational policies and the Education Act 1994.
  • I will complete my training and regularly attend meetings that will enable me to successfully uphold the position of Art Officer.
  • I promise to accomplish these goals within the scope of the regulations laid down by the Student’s Union.