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Sophie Charlton

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Hi, I’m Sophie Charlton and below I have outlined all the reasons why I should be your next Sports President.


  • Clear communication

I will enhance strong lines of communication between the Sports Union, Sports Centre and our Sports Clubs. Clarity is required to allow our sports clubs to take full advantage of our amazing facilities. Regular communication between myself and sports clubs will also allow for the quick resolution of any issues that may arise, allowing for a strong recovery after a tough year.


  • Supporting the recovery and safe return to sport

I am optimistic about the return to sport in the coming year and want to encourage a safe transition, in terms of both COVID regulations and athlete wellbeing. By supporting clubs to create a robust preseason programme, participation within clubs will be well established before the resumption of the BUCS season, helping increase achievement and reduce the risk of injuries.

However, contingency plans need to be in place, especially for those clubs unable to participate immediately, to increase and maintain their online engagement. I want to make sure these clubs are still able to offer some variation of their sport, as well as creating union-wide initiatives to get involved with.


  • Developing our Sports Union members

Despite restrictions potentially being in place, members can continue to develop themselves online through coaching and umpiring courses. I will use my experience from my 3 years on Women’s Hockey Committee and as an elected Sports Executive to help develop all clubs and their members. These new developed skills and experiences will help Stirling athletes be the difference.


  • Creating a #bleedgreen community

I want to foster the bleed green spirit back on to our campus by making sport accessible and welcoming to all students.

I don’t want any student to feel isolated or anxious, especially after the challenges in the past year due to COVID-19. Joining one of our incredible sports clubs is a great way to overcome these initial worries and meet new people.

I want to enhance the student experience by creating an intramural league of various sports that all clubs can get involved with. That way the feel of BUCS Wednesdays can return to our campus with exciting competitions between clubs.


  • Inclusion and acceptance of all in sport

As an open member of the LGBTQ+ community, I want to make sure everyone feels welcomed and included in sport. I felt supported within my club to express myself and I want to make sure every single member of our Sports Union also feels safe enough to do so.

I want to continue offering development training, such as LGBTQ+, disability and mental health training, to better educate our sports union members and therefore reduce some of the stigma from stereotypes.

Furthermore, I want to work closely with the LGBTQ+ society and bring back the rainbow laces campaign. As well as this, I want to emphasise Women in Sport, in both competitive and leadership roles.


Choose Charlton.