Candidate for the position of Health & Wellbeing Officer

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Chloe Johnstone

Just keep swimming!

  • Having a walk in service that people can seek face to face (2m) help outwith the normal Monday to Friday 9-5pm as accommodation staff can't run around helping multiple people at once and also aren't specifically trained (nightline and online services are not enough when you are at crisis point/also feels more comfortable seeking help from someone sepcifically there for this rather than trying to catch security when they aren't busy).
  • More accessible sports classes so free ones after the pandemic as everyone should have the chance to be able to exercise and clear their head (this helps massively with mental health and so should be available to everyone regardless of their income).
  • Even getting sports course students to be involved in this as part of experience (great way to socialise and meet new people)
  • Stamping out the stigmas surounding mental health such as gender, age and pysical appearance (just because someone hasn't lost lots of weight etc doesn't mean they are ok)