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Nela Cadinanos Gonzalez

NELA your new FELLA


HI! My name is Nela Cadinanos, I am a 3rd year student full of energy! As VP of the Environmental Enterprises, and fundraiser for projects like the University’s Widening Participation scheme, I have experienced the importance of inclusion, diversity, and the need of a more sustainable campus. 

Finding such community in a country so different to my own, Spain, was completely unexpected. Now that Stirling is my second home, I’m really passionate about making a difference here. With your vote, I will dedicate my year as Union President to the following actions: Wellbeing, Sustainability and Equality. Let’s stay connected via email & through my FB or Instagram pages!


1. Wellbeing

Brexit is happening, and on top, a global pandemic. These challenging times are affecting both staff and students’ mental, physical and social health, evidencing the urgency for improving the existent support given. I seek to support the Mental Health & Wellbeing Strategy, guaranteeing its effective implementation and involvement of all students as well as pushing to set higher ambitions, and overcoming any accessibility and representational gaps prior to its launch. 

I will ensure that areas such as financial and sexual wellbeing are contributing to the student wellbeing. I will facilitate the widespread and accessibility of the support available for students, for instance through its inclusion within the module outlines.

I pledge to improve the online learning experience with more communication and feedback using platforms like Loop, ensuring that the voices from students are heard. As the uncertainty towards face-to-face teaching prevails, more online gatherings and co-working opportunities will be available for students to feel less alienated; guaranteeing that the online barriers to mental health guidance are tackled.


2. Sustainability

I will prioritise the now postponed implementation of the Net 0 commitment within the university’s strategic plan. As an active member of the Student Union’s Environmental Network, I pledge to keep brainstorming on ideas and projects for ensuring the adherence to practices that are respecting and protecting the natural environment at Stirling, and working closely with the G&B Space and environmental groups within and outside our university.

Additionally, I aim to solve the ongoing waste management issue (recycling bins), and I will set the path for our Union to become carbon negative through exciting circular economic practices. Sustainable food sourcing and food waste will be addressed for the catering services to reduce emissions and save money, using tools like Rocket Food Waste.
I promise to deliver the “Sustainability Lifestyle Kit”, which offers a variety of eco-friendly products and information-based resources. In fact, I already contributed to it through my bamboo toothbrushes !


3.Equallity, Diversity and Inclusion 

I pledge to celebrate diversity in compliance with the ED&I Strategy, to ensure the University sets ambitious Equality Outcomes and goes beyond its current standards to include Health & Wellbeing, Gender Equality and Interculturalism: widening the recognition and representation of minorities, addressing issues like transphobia, racism and sexual violence. I pledge to enhance the current commitment to Equal Leadership opportunities, and to embed ED&I within the University as a whole.


There is a reason why in 2016, we stood out for our "Inclusiveness" and "Internationalisation" in the QS World University Rankings... It's time now to be a true reflection of a fair, inclusive community recognising human rights, and going beyond sex, race, language, religion, economic situation, and so forth.