Candidate for the position of Media Officer

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Perzcy Andrews Michael

Initiate, Inform & Inspire. We Stirling!



“Let’s share our stories of our struggles and triumphs because I believe stories build identity and communities.” Keeping my track-long media industrial experience, I believe media is the new democracy and the new people needs our voices are heard. To succeed now and in the future, we need to bridge the gap between early adopters and everyone else. Let’s bridge the gap and bring our thoughts alive in this crazy world. That’s what I am here for, I am Perzcy!



Through understanding can we ENGAGE not just audiences but core ideals and principles. I believe the ‘Who’ and the ‘Why’ guides us as stake-holders to the functioning of our society.

  • Planning and Project implementation timeline
  • Identify talents
  • Target audience


The basic form of understanding is to LISTEN. (“The Mass Media are class Media” _ Michael Pare) Through listening one seeks to understand.

  • Active listening
  • Agreeing to disagree


We LEARN from one another and through this learning, we can continue to make a better world. I believe in creating a progressive culture to lay the foundations for the future to advance on and not mistakes for them to correct.

  • Re-engage
  • Socialize


We build meaningful relationships through the engagement to both learn-about and share with others our ideals and beliefs.

  • Activity engagement
  • Community building


This continuum will not only allow one to grow but cultivate growth culture. This is my believe and my aim to bring to not just the university but the world we live in.


If I am elected as Media officer, I would like to introduce long term projects, that I think it can changes and reshape the infra of media within the University of Stirling.

  1. Organize International Film Festival.
  2. With the support of our IT, I would like to reshape the current Campus radio and make it available to students and staff 24x7 with pre-recorded / live update throughout the day.
  3. Re-shape Campus TV (In-put and Output source)
  4. Organizes international culture exchange events and that can help in developing the media relation and International student community together.
  5. Talent Identification progamme.
  6. Stirling as University, trying to reach out globally via Media relations and through International awareness.