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Juliette Oliveras

Let's rise and shine our colours!

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I am Juliette Oliveras, a second-year student in Bachelor of Science Management. Last year, I was elected Sports Communications Officer, with big dreams and lot of motivation. Due to the situation we all know of, it was not easy to see through my projects, but I have managed to implement a few measures such as: being active on Instagram, sharing workouts, interviews, and getting in touch with Stirling Sports teams for future projects. I have been dedicated to this role even though conditions made it hard to be involved in the student union (sports cancelled, online meetings…).

I want the Sports Union Social Media to be the central place for all news and information. According to me, the main issue with the Sports Union socials is a lack of centrality, which implies that students get lost in all the Facebook and Instagram content of each club. My main goals for promoting the Stirling sport union page will be gathering up all the pieces of information and promoting the different Stirling clubs together as one.

Consequently, it came naturally that I ran for this position again. Hoping that the global situation will get better and that I will be able to achieve the project I originally had in mind, which implied setting up the ‘photo of the week’ (where each week we would post a photo of the sports union taken by one of our students) or creating the campaign ‘one training with’ (where I would interview teams during their trainings so they can show us what their routine is). By having those campaigns, we can bring together sports students to share achievements, practice techniques, and what they love about sport at Stirling.

I really like this role because it enables me to stay in touch with club members, but also with all students in general by asking them what they expect from us and what they would like to see at Stirling University.