Candidate for the position of Vice President Communities

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Dimitrios Terzis

"Dim Worry, Be Happy!"


Dimitrios Terzis for Vice-President of Communities!


Over the past year, we have all been through a lot. Nobody could have prepared us for the dramatic changes this pandemic would bring to our lives, but, despite it all, our community came out stronger. We all grew closer by staying apart. And that is, I think, the most wonderful thing about the Stirling student community.

From my three years in Stirling I have gained so much: amazing friends, life experiences and long-lasting memories. I know how important this community is throughout our academic journey, as such, it needs to be supported in any possible way. We owe it to ourselves and to the students that will come after us.

It is the responsibility of the Vice-President Communities to look after and improve this whole experience. And for all these reasons I have decided to run.

If elected, this is how I will support our communities:


I will fight for you: When it comes to students’ quality of life, we deserve the best and that is what I will aim for!

I will:

  • Push for lower prices and better living conditions in student accomodation.
  • Organise supportive actions and campaigns so that no student is left behind due to Covid-19, from online resources, to general support, our Union will be there for you.
  • Fight to make more resources and support available for mental health.
  • Work with affected students and the University to investigate and ensure that all campus areas are easily accessible to everyone, and if not, make them so.
  • Ensure that the right channels are there so students can contact the Students’ Union easily and that all issues are promptly resolved.


Clubs and Societies: They need to be supported in every possible way!

 I will:

  • Defend freedom of publication for our media societies, which produce top-quality content and keep us informed and entertained throughout our academic journey.
  • Ensure that all the resources requested by societies to operate are available to them and all difficulties are promptly and easily resolved.
  • Ensure that necessary training is available for new committees all-year long, that way they can easily adjust to their new roles and help their society thrive.
  • Work towards increasing the budget of the Students’ Union through fundraisers so that more events and campaigns can be supported.


Sustainability Project: Let us become the example our world needs!

We can:

  • Minimise single-use plastics on campus by installing more water fountains and a microwave in the Atrium.
  • Promote sustainable mobility by working with First Bus to reduce fares, as well as with the University to promote the use of public and alternative transport.
  • Cooperate with student interest groups and the Sustainability Officer in climate issues to identify areas of our campus on which we could work on to make it more sustainable.


Let’s Make the Difference for Students!