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Tristan Ghigo


YOU ARE THE STUDENTS, and you can change everything. Your vote for the next Housing Officer is important, so here are my ideas for you.

Be more present for you by ensuring you an answer to your request in less than a week, you must be able to solve your problem as quiclky as possible !

Being uncompromising on insulation and heating issues. It’s not normal that in private and public dwellings the windows close badly and let air into the flat. The same goes for heating, no one should be cold because of under-fed heating for money saving reason. This is matter of respect for the students and for the environment !

I want the university to become a model for energy saving. And for students living in the private sector, I would make sure that a sheet indicating how to save energy is sent to you. For the environment and to save on bills.

Ensure compliance with housing standards and thus provide a real assistance against poor housing. All homes must meet the government standards !

I want students to know how their money is being used, so I want the annual publication of expenses for university accommodations.

To fight against cleanliness problems, I would like to create a « cleaning charter » that each student will have to agree to sign by accepting university accommodation. It’s not normal that cleaning is sometimes carried by only one of the occupants.

I also hope that the supervisors of the accommodations, also respect 100% of the rules of the university. The mask covering the mouth AND the nose, respect for 2 meters of distances and also respect for students. In the event of a dispute, students will be able to come and talk about it and we will try to resolve the issue.

Regarding the Covid 19 virus, it is essential to put bottles of Hydroalcoholic gel at the entrance to the accommodations.

We need to set up online meeting and other activities as soon as possible to fight student isolation!

To be able to do all this, I can assure you that I have experience in the associative field. I was treasurer of an association called "FSE". I was president of an association called "MDL" for 2 years. And I was also elected twice to the school council of my high school.

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