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Louis Kennedy

Vote Louis to make Stirling feel like home

I am Louis Kennedy and I am running for Housing Officer. I am a third-year student studying Social Policy and Politics. I have experience producing creative policy proposals within my degree programme so I can apply this to help solve your problems. I am in my second year on the International Sports Scholarship Programme and I play for the men’s football team. This has given me access to a large section of the student population which has provided me with direct knowledge of the diverse range of housing related problems that students are facing. This includes those living in student accommodation and the private rented sector. I have constructed a manifesto that is based specifically on issues that University of Stirling students are facing right now.


If elected, I will:

  • Protect the private rented sector housing standards set out by the Scottish Government. For example, if private landlords are failing to respond to maintenance requests, I will attend meetings with Stirling Council such as the private landlord’s forum and write to Local councillors’ and MSP’s. It is vital that standards in the private rented sector continue to be improved upon.


  • Establish transparent discussions between the University and students about the return to face-to face teaching. Students need to know whether it is necessary for them to pay for accommodation in Stirling.


  • Check that the provisions contained in the Coronavirus (Scotland) (No2) Act are respected by purpose-built student accommodation providers. This gives students the right to cancel their student accommodation contract with 28 days’ notice if it is for Coronavirus related reasons.


  • Ensure that all students living in University accommodation have adequate arrangements in place if they are forced to self-isolate due to Coronavirus. For example, that they are provided with food deliveries.


  • Review the University's Accommodation Allocations Policy with the help of online feedback from the student population. I will ensure that those students who should be prioritised are given priority to live in University-managed accommodation.


  • Make sure all students have access to a good WIFI connection. This is crucial if nearly all students have to continue with online learning from home. I will specifically monitor feedback from students living in student accommodation to make sure Eduroam is working effectively.


  • Campaign to ensure that rent affordability remains a key concern in future decisions taken by Stirling Council.


  • Make certain that any repairs that are vital for the quality of life in student accommodation are carried out in good time. For example, there have been problems with the heating in some student accommodation for a number of months.


  • Create an accessible online presence. Students would be able to come to me with any issues they want me to help resolve or they could provide me with ideas for housing related policy.