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Euan For Union 

I’m Euan Stainbank, the President of the Stirling Law Society and our Union's Engagement Officer and I am running to be President of the Stirling Students’ Union.

My hands-on experience of leadership and my appetite for improving the lives of students are attributes that make me the ideal person for this role. 

This manifesto is a framework towards building a more productive and caring student community.


Your Union, Your Say

Our Union can only be effective when it maximises participation. Therefore, I will:

  • Embed a remote access option for Union meetings beyond COVID-19.

  • Commit to formally consulting with student community leaders to understand and act upon their interests. 

  • Tailor events for new and integrated Stirling students beyond freshers.

  • Write a weekly blog to spotlight an exceptional member or group within the community.


The collective perseverance of staff and students during COVID-19 has shown the best of Stirling. To strengthen this relationship I will:

  • Host a regular forum allowing University staff and students to share common experiences of life during COVID-19.

  • Support University Staff in any future instance of industrial action.


Equalities and Inclusion 

In the pursuit of equality our Union should focus on promoting the interests and activities of groups that share in that purpose.

 To this end I will:

  • Engage in direct and extensive consultation with minority communities to shape Union policy responses.

  • Be an active ally for LGBTQ+ students, with a focus on advocating for GRA reform and engaging with those who are working towards it.

  • Advocate for greater support for Disabled Students in their learning, guaranteeing that they have access to necessary guidance and support.

  • Implement the actions recommended in the Reclaim Stirling Report.

  • Guarantee any social venues that are permitted to promote in Union space have robust accessibility and equalities procedures. 


Restore, Reform, Resolve

As a founding member of the Stirling Student Tenants Union, I made certain that issues Students faced with their accommodation did not go unanswered. I would apply this ethos to tackling many of the issues Stirling students face.


In battling the Student Mental Health crisis I will:

  • Engage with faculty heads to discuss and direct them towards the best resources to help with meeting students mental health needs. 

  • Promote and encourage student-led events that raise awareness for mental health causes.

  • Provide a platform for discussion and action around substance and alcohol abuse.


Our union has taken great strides in making our community more sustainable, to build on this I will: 

  • Promote informational events and resources, such as sustainability guidance for students in accommodation, ahead of the COP26 conference.

  • Prioritise local organisations with sustainability accreditations when partnering with external groups.


On Student Housing I will:

  • Advocate for rent prices that allow the lowest-income students to live comfortably.

  • Be accessible to students and other officers throughout the year to help with Student housing issues.


I will create a student part-time work forum, containing:

  • Tailored support for international students.

  • Promotion of living wage employers.

  • Support for students without work experience.