Candidate for the position of Health & Wellbeing Officer

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Sam Davis

In order for students to perform at their best, they must first feel their best.

I’m Sam, a third-year student studying sociology & social policy. My studies have allowed me to better understand the ways in which certain policies and activities can affect a person’s living conditions, as well as their general quality of life. I feel that my two years here in Stirling, as well as my two years at a former university have created a drive within me to better the social environment for people of all backgrounds here in Stirling. 


As an international student, I am extremely fortunate to have found a place like Stirling to call my home. That being said, there are many changes to the campus that I feel would make it more welcoming to students of all backgrounds. University can be overwhelming and isolating, and I hope that I will be able to lessen some of the stressors that lead to such feelings. I understand the struggles many students have faced regarding mental health challenges on campus because I myself have been affected. I am extremely passionate about my fellow students and their wellbeing, and I want to further those passions through the position of health and wellbeing officer. In running, I aim to give a voice to those suffering in silence. If elected, my priorities would be:


Mental Health

  • Make mental health a priority here on campus. Many students are struggling, and more awareness needs to be applied to campus in order to decrease the stigmas that surround mental illness.

  • More opportunties for students to de-stress not just before exams. These may include therapy animal sessions, free meditation sessions, or other forms of de-stressing activites available throughout the semester. 

  • Shorter wait times for those reaching out for help with their mental health.


Physical Health

  • More activites and events promoting physical health not just within in sport societies. Many students want to be active, but do not feel that they are ‘good’ enough to join a sports team. 

  • Encouraging participation in all forms of physical activity, like walking groups. 

  • Healthier options for quick, hot meals on campus so students. Many students skip meals or only eat unhealthy snacks due to the pressures of uni life. 

  • More vegetarian and vegan options at an affordable price. Many options are marked as more expensive, making it more difficult for students who identify as such to eat consistent, healthy meals.


Social Health

  • More late-night events at the uni encouraging socialisation that do not necessarily involve drinking. 

  • More social support to students who enter as second, third, or even fourth years, as they often feel isolated. 


Sexual Health

  • Anonymous support networks for those struggling with sexual issues or trauma. 

  • Sexual education to students through the use of free pamphlets, social media, and anonymous messaging or forums.

  • More opportunities to provide free contraception to students.


I feel that if implemented on campus, these ideas will improve life for all students. Mental, physical, social, and sexual health are all essential to feeling comfortable and being successful at uni.