Candidate for the position of Engagement Officer

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Euan Stainbank


I want to run to be your next Engagement Officer of the Stirling Students Union. There is nothing more important for the Student Union than to be an aid to its Students acheiving academic excellence and helping to remove or  mitigate the impidements to them doing so. I have laid out in this manifesto some of the key policies I wish to acheive while in this role and how I believe these can help with bringing about a new era of high engagment and excellence within our Union. 

I have relevant experience across the Student's Union from being a President of a society, serving on Elections Committee and helping to build a Student Housing advocacy group and I think this will reflect in my work as your next Engagment Officer through the policies in this manifesto.

Curricular Pathways

  • I think Life at Stirling University begins as soon as a person starts considering us as an option for their education.
  •  I will build on the work of the University and Union by contacting local schools and attendees at our Open Days and other initiatives to put them in contact with Students from every faculty to share and talk about their experiences.
  • This will provide oppurtunities for our Students to share their experiences and pass on their knowlege to the next generation of Stirling Students and give prospective students the chance to have access to someone with first hand experience of what it is like. 
  • I will also work with the International Officer and Non-Traditional Officer to see how we can offer this to Students not coming from Open Days or traditional backgrounds. 

Part-Time Employment Action

  • For Students who need to work to support themselves at University I will take significant  steps to aid them in my role.
  • I will spearhead the creation of a forum to allow Students to share experiences about how they balance working and study and how to negotiate reduced hours around exams.
  • This will allow Students to offer support and guidance to each other around the local part-time job market and advertise any opportunities.
  • Reach out to local businesses to hear their concerns about the student job market and how the Union can help maximise the amount of Students looking for work finding it.
  • Working with the International Officer and prospective International students to give them advice about how to find employment in Stirling and the local area.

Mental Health Support

  • Work with faculty members and students to allow for the development of mental health guidance in relation to academics.
  • Talk to Students about their concerns around missing classes and late submissions.
  • Hold an Academic Pressure Mental Health Awareness Event every semester.

Democratic Reform

  • Consult with Students about their reasons for low engagement with the Union.
  • Reform the democratic proccesses of the Union so Students can vote regardless of their ability to attend General or Zone Meetings.