Candidate for the position of Sports Union Communications Officer

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Juliette Oliveras

Let's rise and shine our colours

Who am I

My name is Juliette, I am a student in Sport Studies & Business. I have been a competing athletic for 5 years but I am actually recovering from a knee surgery which has stopped me from practicing sport for a year.

This has not stopped me to be involved in sport as I am volunteer for the programme Just Play sport in Football and Badminton which basically enables everybody to come along and play sport no matter your level. Sport is a part of me and I am very grateful to be volunteer in the best University ranked in Sport.

Why am I running

Nevertheless, I feel there is a lack of communication about Sport Life on campus comparing to the rate of students involved in sport at Uni. I figured that even if there are lot of athletes, lot of different sports, a lot of facilities, there is something missing to link this as a whole. I noticed that the communication is difficult between different sport teams, between elite athletes, and leisure athletes. This is why I run for the campaign for Part time Officer of Sport Communication. I would like to create an atmosphere where there is more support between each club and students. Also I would like to enhance athletes and performance in the campus. I believe that we deserve to know when someone represents our Uni, so we can support them and be proud of what they achieve.

What I aim to achieve

To improve the communication and highlight athlete’s performance I would start by establishing the photo of the week, which will be published on social media and will enable to enhance athletes and photographer which help to link Sport and Societies. Secondary, I would like to be more active on social media to create a better communication which will enable students to know what is going on and who do they support. Indeed, I think the best way to support our team is to get to know the athletes. This is the reason why photos and mass communication on social media will help us to get to know each other. On the long run I will improve communication about events on campus to create a real sport atmosphere where students come along to support the team.

Why should we do this? Because this will improve campus life and will create a community that you will be proud to be part of. The aim is to create our own identity and to support each other. We are lucky to be in a beautiful campus with modern facilities, and to have athletes from all around the world that represent our colours, so we have to support them.