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Altair Seel

Seel a Better Deal!


Altair Seel for Non-traditional officer.

Seel a Better Deal


My name is Altair Seel. I’m in my third year studying Heritage and Tourism. I’m also the secretary of the Stirling Students Tenants’ Union (SSTU) and I’m on the committee for the Co-operative society. I’m very invested in trying to make student lives betters.

I’m running for Non-traditional Officers in the upcoming Students’ Union election. This role will require me to represent and speak for Non-traditional students (students who didn’t come to university directly after high school). This includes care experience students, students who have spent time in the care system at some point.

Why am I running for Non-Traditional Officer?

The answer is simple I’m running for this position is because I believe in strengthening student democracy and to do that I think you have to hear everyone’s voice.


My core priories:

  1. Speak for Non-Traditional Students - My first priority is to speak for Non-Traditional Student. I plan to do this by listening to Non-Traditional students in order to hear their concerns and then make sure those concerns are heard within the union. I want to listen to the concerns of Non-Traditional students in a way that will help both: address their concerns and strengthen student democracy. To continue the work that has been done to set up and run the care student steering group. This steering group will help to better identify the concerns and support needs of care students and help to put pressure on the university to provide more support for care students.
  2. Strengthen Relationships- My second priority is to work closer with Forth Valley College to improve the educational experience of integrated students. This will involve working with the Forth Valley College and FVC Student Association.
  3. Greater Involvement with the Union- My third priority is to get more non-traditional students involved with the Students’ Union. This means encouraging Non-Traditional students: to join and getting involved with clubs and societies; to get Non-Traditional students more involved in student democracy; and to get Non-Traditional students to attend education zone meetings and General union meetings.


I hope you vote for me, Altair Seel for Non-Traditional Officer to Seel a better deal for Non-traditional students.

You can vote on the Stirling Students’ Union Website.

Voting opens on the 9th of March at 9am. Voting closes on the 10th of March 6:15pm.