Candidate for the position of Union President

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Amy Smith

Don't throw your vote away, elect Amy as Union President today!

Hi! I’m Amy Smith, your current Vice-President Education at the Students’ Union - and I’m running to be your next Union President. I’ve loved representing students this year, and I’m ready to put my experience to use for you and the wider student body. 

The Union I lead will prioritise student wellbeing, tackling inequality and combatting climate change, ensuring we properly engage and represent our diverse membership - that’s every student here at Stirling! 

If elected, I will work across the following areas:


1. Lead on Climate Change

Last year, our Union became the first carbon-neutral Unions in the country. Let’s go further; I’ll push the University of Stirling to join the growing list of institutions pledging net-zero emissions. We’ll then engage with the November COP26 International Climate Summit taking place in Glasgow, share best practice and lead the fight to tackle climate change locally, nationally and internationally.


2. #BetterBuses

This year I led an active travel consultation; as your Union President I will lead a working group of key local stakeholders to improve bus services. Park & Ride options, as well as timetable improvements must play a part in alleviating pressure on car parking too - with growing student numbers, spaces are at a premium!


3. Support Our Activists: We’ll take on the issues that matter to students: from housing and rents, to unfair course costs. But I can’t do it alone - students need to know their Union is behind them. I pledge to establish an ‘Activist Academy’, which will host open, collaborative sessions for students seeking to influence their learning, their campus and their university experience. 


4. Deliver the Mental Health Strategy: Service provision and availability have not kept pace with demand. Student support services and academic departments must better coordinate delivery and resources. I will champion the voice of my members, and play a full role in the implementation of the new University Mental Health Strategy.


5. Tackle Racial Inequality: The University and Students’ Union both advocate for a fair and inclusive university experience; let’s put words into action. I will lobby the University to sign-up to the Race Equality Charter, ensuring anti-racism and discrimination initiatives will be externally verified and accredited. This will embed accountability and transparency, and match plans with deeds.


6. Fight for GRA Reform: Our students deserve to live their lives with dignity and respect. I will remain an active ally in the fight for reform of the Gender Recognition Act (GRA), and work with the LGBTQ+ Student Support Network and other student groups to mobilise support for minority rights, put further pressure on the Scottish Government and ensure reforms meet the needs of my members.