Candidate for the position of Vice President Communities

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Jess Reid

No Mess, Vote Jess!

Hey, my name’s Jess and I want to become the next Vice-President Communities. Since starting University of Stirling all my experiences have provided me a broader understanding of the Communities Zone and a greater need to help other students in having an even better experience than I’ve had at Stirling. As co-founder and President of Stirling Sexual Health and Education Society I’ve learned so much about setting up, organising, and what our students actually want from the Communities Zone.

My drive comes from my desire to improve our university and union beyond my own time here - leaving a community which is more inclusive, engaging and supportive than ever before. I hope you believe in this as much as I do.

Clubs and Societies

  • To collaborate with equalities officers, societies and clubs across campus to have the Student Union join the Not On My Campus campaign which looks to end sexual violence on university communities nationwide.
  • Develop workshops to provide an in depth understanding of how to start a club or society and keep them sustainable.
  • Ensure Part-Time Officers receive better training on their role and projects they could  run.

Democracy & Transparency

  • I would unequivocally support student activism across campus, as long as it's non-violent and does not discriminate against others.
  • Transparency within the union will be at the heart of my role as VP Communities, as part of this I will ensure all media societies have full freedom to print and publish what they want as long as its’ within industry standards and is not discriminatory.
  • Bring back a weekly ‘VP Tea’ creating an opportunity to allow students to ask questions about my role as VP Communities and bring up any problems they have encountered.

Health & Wellbeing

  • To continue the Student Union’s current work on mental health and to arrange optional mental health training for society presidents and senior committee members and encourage societies to participate in this.
  • With a 300% increase in gonorrhoea cases around Forth Valley, I would aim to collaborate with societies and sabbatical officers to improve sexual health around campus and fight the stigma surrounding STIs.


  • Build on work done by the SSTU to establish and work with a Housing Cooperative, allowing students to challenge poor conditions seen in some student housing.
  • Join the NUS backed campaign to end circuit laundry and aim to find a solution for students paying unfair prices as this should be an accommodation essential.
  • Establish a better system to handle complaints - creating accountability.


  • Food waste is a huge issue for students, I would install compost points for student accommodation to be used in the community gardens.
  • I would advocate for our Union to lead a campaign in support of refugee and migrant rights, with the increase in eco-migration caused by climate change our Student Union must be at the forefront of this cause.


  • Respond to the suggestions made by commuter students during transport discussion groups, and take action according to these findings.