Candidate for the position of Sustainability Officer

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Lily Climie

Working for a better, greener future!

My name is Lily Climie, and I’m an undergrad third year Animal Biology student. You might recognise me from my position as one of your NUS delegates over the past two years. I’m running for Sustainability officer this year, and this is my manifesto for the role!

Sustainability, to me, means protecting the environment and ensuring it not only survives but flourishes in the long run. The environment is obviously a hot topic right now, with the impacts of climate change more and more visible every day, and this has pushed me to run for the role.

Stirling Students Union is already carbon neutral – and the first in the country to be so! That’s a fantastic achievement, but we shouldn’t stop there. We need to continue pushing to ensure our carbon footprint is as low as possible, encouraging recycling, buying local produce (or growing our own!) and minimising food waste. Furthermore, we also need to continue to put pressure on the University to do the same, and to ensure it isn’t connected to fossil fuels in any way.

We have one of the most beautiful campuses in the country, if not the world, and as sustainability officer I’ll fight to keep it that way. As I biology student, I understand many of the challenges it faces, and I’ll work together with the other officers, the sports union, and the University to encourage schemes such as cycling and carpooling to not only protect our environment but free up much-needed parking space.

I’ll also push for the union to support the ongoing global strikes for climate, and any future developments the global climate movement may make. Our planet is the most important thing in the world (geddit?) and we need to protect it.

To that end, vote Lily Climie for your sustainability officer!