Candidate for the position of Housing Officer

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Cian Ireland

Success Starts at Home

It's been an honour being your Housing Officer the past year, from running to campus to support a student being evicted with a hours notice, working on building our tenants union to developing a plan for our Housing Co-operative, there hasn't been a dull moment in the past year. I hope you will consider re-electing me in this election so we can build on the foundations laid this year. If elected, I will:

- Work to build on the rent deal negotiated by the student union, which saw three times as many spaces with frozen rents as the year before.

- Continue work developing a Student Housing Co-operative, ensuring an alternative to landlords and letting agents.

- Continue building our Tenants Union, which has already seen growth into triple digit membership over the past year.

- Work to develop the Letting Agents Oversight Committee, ensuring we can inform students of malpractice and how to avoid it.