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Jack Williamson

Jack Don't Slack!

Jack Williamson for Arts Officer

Jack Don’t Slack!

My name is Jack Williamson and I am a second year student at UoS studying English and Secondary Teaching. I’m a passionate student of the arts and an active member of the Stirling University Drama Society with a vested interest in seeing the university become as highly regarded in its work in the arts as it already is in sport. I believe that the confidence and experience I have gained from my degree, my past work in student politics, and my love of the arts make me a prime candidate for this role.

Creating an Arts Union

As the first ever Arts Officer, I hope to lay the groundwork for the role by helping coordinate the Arts Societies. By holding at least two meetings a semester between the Presidents of all existing and future Arts Societies, I hope to help them unite in a similar way to the Media Societies and create joint opportunities for students with an interest in the arts, fostering an environment of collaboration.

Maintaining and Developing Airthrey Cottage

The Performing Arts Societies (SUDS, Live Music, and Musical Theatre) have recently been granted funding for the development of their shared space in Airthrey Cottage and I, as Arts Officer, will assist in overseeing its fair and equitable use. By helping them come to agreements on the responsible use of both the Cottage and its allocated funding, the Arts Societies can use this space more effectively. Further projects I hope to work on that the Arts Societies would benefit from would be the creation of an itemised inventory of the Cottage’s contents and a centralised booking system for the Cottage.

Representing the Arts Societies

I will fight for the interests of the Arts Societies to both the Union and to third parties such as local businesses and contractors, helping them negotiate any deals and ensuring their fair treatment. I also hope to work closely with the Arts Societies and VP Communities to create events and opportunities relating to the arts.