Candidate for the position of Co-Curricular Officer

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Jamie McDiarmid

Making your Dream Society a Reality

I have been actively involved in volunteering for the last 5 years for multiple organisations and have achieved 500 hours saltire award in the process, so I know what it takes for volunteering and know what support needs to be put in place to help those who want to volunteer more.


Since my first year I have thrown myself right into clubs and societies and learned the ins and outs of it all, and even set up my own society as a first year.  I want to encourage more people in the student body to get involved in clubs and societies by showing people the benefits of what getting involved can mean from yourself and also your degree. 


Here at Stirling there is a club or society for anyone’s interests, however if there isn’t then I want to help you make sure that your dream society becomes a reality by being a point of contact throughout the year to help you get started. 


I want to better publicise our clubs and societies and also create a better resource pack that takes you through step by step how to set up your dream society, with myself and our VP Communities being on hand to help and give advice where needed.


There are many opportunities around the Stirling area for volunteering.  These opportunities can build your confidence and help contribute towards your degree.  That’s why I want to set up a volunteers fayre, a fayre where we organisations in Stirling to the university to show you the opportunities they have available.  In connection with this I want to further develop our volunteer hub we have here at the Union, presenting opportunities for students all year round. 


And finally… Awareness weeks, we have seen some amazing awareness weeks recently such as Aussie Action Week.  I want to see more of these on campus, do you have something that you want to raise awareness for? Then I want to help you make that a reality.


Elect me make to be your Co-curricular officer and together we will make clubs and societies and volunteering better for everyone at Stirling.  A vote for me will be a vote for well supported Clubs and Societies and better opportunities for all.  Vote Jamie #1