Candidate for the position of Vice President Communities

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Josh Muirhead

Keep Muirheading in the right direction. #onemoreyear #JM4VP

I’m Josh, your Vice President Communities, and I'm currently standing for re-election. I’ve been in post for the last year - and what an amazing (and at times intense) year we’ve had!


Becoming the first Carbon Neutral Student Union in the UK; gaining a fair deal on rent; increased and improved the accommodation enhancement fund; improved access and number of water fountains in the upcoming campus central projects; representing students both locally and nationally – to name a few things achieved! I’ve got knowledge of the role, the people and many of the challenges ahead.


If re-elected as VP Communities, I aim to make progress in these areas:


Stirling is our Home

Students are a massive part of the Stirling Community, so let’s make sure our voice is heard:

  • Advocate for the improvement of accommodation social spaces. By securing funding we can have inclusive spaces outside of students flats where all students can gather to socialise and combat both loneliness and social isolation.
  • Champion our sustainability projects, push for investment in a more sustainable campus. We can tackle the food waste issues in campus catering, the high level of un-needed single-use plastics, and the overall carbon footprint of the university. If the student union can do it, so can the uni!
  • Create accommodation consultations. Let's get accommodation staff around the table to hear first-hand what can be improved in university run accommodation and consult with all groups of students who call accommodation home. disabled, LGBTQ+, international, mature or postgraduate no one should have barriers in the place they call home. So, let's ensure that our values of equality, diversity and inclusion are being upheld, and that everyone has a safe place to live as well as a great experience living in accommodation.
  • Engage more with First Bus and the University to improve bus services. Staff and students have had more than enough. It’s time to get serious and combat the constant delays to services.
  • Pilot housing committees for a limited number of our campus-based accommodation. These committees would take the lead organising inter-housing competitions, socials and trips helping to create a vibrant and supportive community.

Clubs, Societies & Volunteering

Every year thousands of our students dedicate countless hours to volunteering and improving the student experience. Let's help to make it happen:

  • Encourage inclusive healthy activity by working with the Sports Union.
  • Improve our online volunteering hub, so as to increase the opportunities for our students and access to funding opportunities.
  • Remove the need for Sabbatical Officers to approve Brig before it can be published. Not only will this give our student journalists more freedom, but it will also remove the current delays caused between completion and print.
  • Support employability; students want development and training to hone their transferable skills. Work with university partners to promote and encourage participation in as well as develop Careers Service workshops and initiatives. As well as develop the employability and volunteering fair to bring employers to campus.
  • Work with the University to improve on the countless issues we've had this year with resource booker to make it more reliable and accessible.