Candidate for the position of Media Officer

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Martina Rebecca Inchingolo

Vote for me and tell me what you want... what you really really want !

My name is Martina Rebecca Inchingolo. I’m in my third year and I’m a Film & Media and Journalism student. I’m running for the position of Media Officer, because I love the media societies. Since my first year I’ve been part of AirTv and since then I have become a member of Air3 and Brig as well.

I’m part of the committee for two media societies, Head of Events for AirTv and Head of Features for Air3, which led me to gain experience in what the media societies need and how they are organized.

I love to write articles, make films and do my radio show every Friday; which is why I’m really invested within all the three media societies.

I have so many ideas on how I could help improve the relationship between the media societies and take more care of the space that we share.


I would have monthly meetings with the presidents of Air3, AirTv and Brig; to check on the societies work and help with anything they would need and improve the communication between the societies and the union.


Every collaboration done by the three media societies has often been really successful, which is way is really important for me to keep this kind of team work going on for next year, making sure that each society feels included and part of the project as much as the others.


All the three committee are often in the media office during the day, to work together. Each societies have their own space and computers in order to avoid any chaos, but between the equipment, the paper and all the weird props that we store there, it feels like the media office gets easily cluttered. Therefore, I think it is important for the committees to take care of the space we share, by making a group and organize and tied up the place when necessary.


Being part of committee is fun and a great opportunity to work on creative projects with other people that share the same passion as you, but let’s be honest is not always easy. Sometimes people disagree and it could get ugly, I promise I would help in those kinds of situations, to make sure everybody feels like their opinions matter and I promise to be professional and discreet.


Being part of media societies should not be all work, it’s important for committee members to socialize all together in order to feel like a united community. I would keep in touch with their respective head of events to help organize more get togethers.

If you vote for me, I promise to work on all these ideas and make them a reality and I would always listen to all your requests and work with you to improve the relationship between the media societies and the union and together become one big community.