Candidate for the position of Sports Union Communications Officer

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Mathieu Savin

Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger

Mathieu Savin-Sports Communications Officer (Sports Union)


I am a third year Economics student who wants to have a positive impact on the Sports Union. I am currently a part of the Tennis, Mens Hockey, and Boxing clubs. I’m approachable and hard-working, this will allow me to make improvements to the Sports Union.


I want to:


  • Feedback: Make it easier for students to give feedback to the Sports Union in order to make the experience as student driven as possible.
  • Communication: Improve direct communication with sports clubs to facilitate change within both the clubs and the sports union.
  • Fortress: Promote the support of sports teams during competitive events e.g. BUCS to help make the Campus a fortress!
  • #BleedGreen: Help develop and support the #BleedGreen initiative.
  • Participation: Emphasis on the promotion of Give It A Go events to increase participation and engagement, particularly from students who are not currently involved in any sport.
  • Health and Wellbeing: Work with fellow officers to raise awareness of the importance of mental health and wellbeing within sport.
  • Information: Create an online hub for the distribution of information on the all the sports results, including results, fixtures and league tables.
  • Achievements: Raise awareness of both individual and team sporting achievements from the past week. E.g. Highlight a strong individual performance that helped a team win the league.
  • Recognition: Raise awareness of positive actions within sports clubs, for example, this could be highlighting an individual who has been key in raising in funds for their respective club.
  • Organisation: Improve the communication of the sports centre with students to allow students to organise to play sport casually. E.g. Make booking tennis courts easier.


If elected I will take action on all of these points.